MiniMail: White Denim

boombap, minimail - Geplaatst op 20 oktober 2008

White Denim is onstopbaar als boners tijdens busritten. MonoBrow mailde met drummer Josh en kwam erachter dat ook up and coming gasten niet altijd zin hebben in ouwehoeren.

What are you most afraid of when you’re on stage?
‘The need to blow my nose and messing up.’

Isn’t it difficult to keep your jeans white and clean during shows?
‘If you’re actually wearing white denim, I would only hope that they’re dirty.’

MonoBrow is totally in a Wes Anderson phase. Would you say yes if he asked you to write a soundtrack?
‘I’d say yes if we weren’t right in the middle of something.’

What do you think makes his work so great?
‘We’re all pretty big fans of his movies, and I’m sure I could go on about this for a while. To keep it short I’d say that character development and setting/set design were two of the first things that stood out to me.’

Have you ever rode a skateboard? Your music is so perfectly suited for it, it’s absurd.
‘I rode one straight into the emergency room once when I was a kid.

What’s the wisest thing a Wall Mart employee has ever told you? Have you tried to live by it?
I’ve been watching you the whole time son. Yes I have.’

Do you believe in wisdom coming with age?
‘Only when it’s a package deal that comes with experience.’

What would you advise MonoBrow visitors?
‘Your environment is in between your ears.’

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