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.alt, minimail - Geplaatst op 21 mei 2007

So Me is één van de genieën achter de vormgeving van Justice’s D.A.N.C.E.-clip. De beste man is verder creatief eindverantwoordelijk voor al het artwork van Ed Banger Records. En daar gaan ze op dit moment erg hard. Zoals beloofd die MiniMail met de zieke geest achter al dat grafische gedonder:

What do you do besides graphic design?
‘I do some music, but that takes time, and graphics eat my time!’

You didn’t make the Justice video by yourself. How did this go?
‘No I only did the graphics, and I also was Justice’ a&r on this one. The animation part has been done by 2 talented kids from Paris called Jonas & François.’

Are you fast? How long does it take for you to come up with a design and finish it?
‘I come up with the idea quickly in general, but finalising it takes so long sometimes. So I’m not that quick really. I always come up with changes to improve the stuff.’

Your style is super hot right now. Aren’t you afraid people will get bored of it soon?
‘Well I don’t know really, I don’t think I’m just doing graphics as a fashion phenomenon. You know back in the days, people were asking me the same question, 3 years ago. Trends pass, and I seem to be still here, so it’s just about not repeating formulas I guess.’

Mais oui.
‘The copycats last less longer. It’s like with Ed Banger Records you know. We take our time and develop slowly. If people get into it now, I guess it’s because we’ve worked for it. But the best is yet to come so we enjoy it now, but we’re on to the next thing, and still do work for it.’

What piece of work are you most proud of?
‘The next cover from Mr Oizo’s Transexual is my favourite.’

What did your art teacher think of you when you were a kid?
‘They thought I was ok, but I wasn’t drawing like the other kids, they didn’t know really if that was a good point, or if I was showing social derangement.’

How would you draw Sarkozy?
‘I’m the worst at caricatures. Everytime I play the game of drawing my friends, it’s always the non-drawing people who are the best at catching someone’s essence. Because the other ones – like me- can’t help but waste time into their graphic style. So sorry. Besides, he just won the elections, so I’m not too much into drawing him yet. A critical cartoon artist would, as a reaction, but I’ll go back to my silly music covers for now.’

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