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Photography of skulls next to a Rolex, complemented by a naked girl followed by two British thugs. At first sight the world of Them Thangs is an exciting albeit (I love this word) not a logic one. But scroll some more and suddenly the apparent random images start to connect and make sense. Then you want to be in this crazy place full of beautiful girls, death and metal. Oh and hippies of course. Meet Justin Blyth, the curator extra ordinaire responsible for Them Thangs.

These are confusing times we live in. What do you think? Are we going to be alright or are we fucked?
“We’re definitely fucked, but then everyone thought that in the ’60’s too and now they’re in rocking chairs sipping lemonade. I think we like to believe the world is fucked so we can continue drinking, smoking, and generally being reckless youngsters.”

What effect do the images you collect have on you when you watch them?
“I love being inspired by art and photography. I also love wasting time and brushing off the things I’m really supposed to be doing like working, so blogging is great for me.”

I feel aroused and anxious at the same time when I check out Them Thangs. Is this normal?
“You should look into auto-erotic asphyxiation, I’ve heard it’s a real kick.”

Was there a particular moment you realized Them Thangs was insanely popular?
“Yeah, I mean it was really something that I was just doing for fun with my down-time at the office, something for my friends and I to look at. I didn’t have any information, email address, anything like that on the page. Then I started somehow getting emails from random people and seeing the site blogged up on other places and realized that the word had really gotten out.”

Curator is a term being thrown around a lot. Do you consider yourself one?
“I guess so. I basically take the things I like and put them in one place to look at so if curator is an easier way to say that I’m fine with it.”

Have you ever thought about bringing Them Thangs into print? I would love a big fat book or poster with these images.
“I did think about it and then I did it! I recently put together The New Dark Age,  a printed edition where I invited 13 artists to be involved.”

What about advertising? Are there brands that understand the stuff you do with Them Thangs and see its potential?
“I get emails and interest about that all the time. There are a lot of brands that could be a good fit for the blog but I just can’t do it. I think any kind of advertising would ruin the aesthetic and the experience of Them Thangs. On top of that I wouldn’t be comfortable making any profit off of other people’s work.”

Do you like to look at words when you’re not checking out images? What’s the last good book you have read?
“I just read Imperial Bedrooms by Ellis and Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams while on holiday. One depressingly stark and horrifying, one hilarious and uplifting. I also recently read Inherent Vice by Pynchon which was great.”


Want to have your copy of The New Dark Age? Send me an email that sums up your idea of the future in one sentence and I’ll do my best for you.

Regular mortals can buy their own issue of The New Dark Age by Them Thangs here.

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    Goed verhaal, ik wil altijd roken en drinken als ik naar them thangs kijk! Ben al een tijdje op zoek naar een site die ook zo’n doorscroll beeldarchief is, maar dan iets meer melancholische/mode images, kan m alleen nergens vinden, enig idee wat ik bedoel?

  2. 4

    Jep, haw lin dus. heb wat t̶i̶e̶t̶e̶n̶ zweefachtige beelden nodig, thxs blogzonen.

  3. 5

    Je weet waar je zijn moet…

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