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De jongens van Das Racist nemen zichzelf niet serieus en hebben geen boodschap aan abstracte analyses op Pitchfork over de gelaagdheid van hun muziek en post-ironie van hun lyrics. Volgens mij kletsen ze veel liever over The Walking Dead. Echt iets waar een paar rappende popcultuur connaisseurs vast een verrassende mening over hebben. Kom maar door, frontman Himanshu.

Is it me or aren’t there any references to The Walking Dead in your lyrics?
“Never seen that show/movie/song/comic/painting/band/project?”

Oh boy. Then you probably don’t have an opinion on Rick’s chance of survival in the series.
“Rick is a good boy.”

What would you rather be in such an end of times scenario: a guy with a shotgun or one of those fast zombies like you see in that Dawn Of The Dead remake?
“I’d be the guy with the shotgun until I became the zombie.”

The apocalypse makes for fascinating literature: Paul Auster’s In The Country Of Last Things, The Road, World War Z etc. Are you into it?
“I mostly read books by South Asian or South Asian Diasporic authors so I can’t say I’ve read much about it in fiction. I am looking forward to it though. For sure. I made a rap song called 2012 on my solo mixtape, Loose Motions, in 2007. The other day in Seoul Victor recommended we recycle it for Das Racist so we may. I also like some of the apocalypse-related music MGMT make.”

What is the worst thing that could happen to Das Racist right now?
“Victor got separated from us for a while in Seoul and we had no idea where he was. The worst thing that could happen to Das Racist is probably one of us dying. Beyond that I can’t say we care enough about anything.”

Wait this thing is getting a bit depressive. Sorry. Ok. What made you laugh here in Amsterdam?
“I’ve been to Amsterdam twice. The water is nice. I want a boathouse there.”

Have you heard about the DJ Premier Saved My Life mixtape project? That’s a tape which features a lot of Dutch mc’s rapping over their favourite Primo beats.
“I have not heard about it. Is it good?”

Pretty good yea. Do you enjoy listening to foreign rap? Are you closet MC Solaar fan?
“I guess I listen to a UK rapper or two. Giggs is nice. That’s. About. It.”

Let’s finish this with you saying something obligatory about being in Amsterdam and weed.

Das Racist staat vanavond in Trouw. Zie je daar.

Rapping to you – and only you!
Live: Das Racist (Greedhead, Mishka, New York)
Support DJ: Sandeman (Amsterdam)
€10, 20.30

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    Ik had hem misschien beter kunnen vragen of hij wel van optreden houdt.

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