MiniMail: Drukke Baas Busy P

boombap, minimail - Geplaatst op 7 mei 2007

Pedro Winter a.k.a. Busy P doet zijn naam eer aan. Hij heeft het echt crazy druk. Niet alleen als dj en producer. Maar ook als Ed Banger Records labelbaas en manager van Daft Punk. Maar je weet: MonoBrow is een fixer. Via Busy P’s Crackberry kwamen de antwoorden voor het MiniMail interview afgelopen nacht binnen. Beter ga je lezen vriend!


What is it that makes Ed Banger so extremely bangin’?
‘The kids jumping around when we push play on the Pioneer CDJ1000 this is what it’s all about. B-Boys stage diving, wiggas headbanging, cuties losing their minds and getting wet when we play weird techno cut up beats and modern rock.’

Do you have any influence over the artwork of the records?
‘The man SO ME (binnenkort met MiniMail interview op MonoBrow) is handling all the art for Ed Banger. I gave him full power till he dies. I just sign the check.’

Can you imagine having Uffie for a girlfriend, like Feadz?
‘I could be her father! But I must say she’s pretty hot.’

Do you care for the business side of music? In what way?
‘Not at all and that’s maybe what makes us different. When I started Ed Rec I did not plan anything, no business plan, I lost lot of money, but I had so much fun.’

MonoBrow loves it when a Frenchman says ‘hypercool.’ What’s the ‘it’ word in France at the moment?
‘You’re dope in France if you say “Chanme sa race sa mere la pute” Let’s say it means “it’s cool”…’

Haha. Yea right. What are you working on right now?
‘Mostly music shit : Justice album, Mr Oizo new 12″ and new soundtrack, new Uffie 12″, some Busy P remix. I also prepare the new Daft Punk Alive 2007 world tour.’

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  1. AvatarAmstereo Galaxy

    Nice one boy! Ik kijk ook uit naar het interview met SO ME…
    Goed geregeld ouwe!

  2. 2

    What a joy to find someone else who thikns this way.

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